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I n g r e d i e n t s :

Cocolmeca, Cuachalalate, Angelica Root, Sarsaparilla Root, Hydrangea

Notes of Earth

A lack of iron can bring disharmony to the body. Iron is the magnetic mineral in our bodies that help circulate blood from head to toe. Improper circulation is when the body starts to give us signals (health problems) that we need to cleanse and give good healing to bring back harmony. The herbs in Sedona help deep cleanse the blood from stagnation, give iron to the red blood cells, renew the body with chi, and relieve “coldness” of the uterus (cysts, displaced uterus, cramps, ECT.) This tea is an ideal cleanse for women with frequent womb ailments and for those who strive to purify the blood.

T h e B o t a n i c s:

Cuachalalate: Serves as an immune stimulant; decreases ulcers; for lymphatic drainage, uterus and ovary discomfort, and digestive problems. Known for its cleansing properties as well as detoxifying effects within the circulatory system. Properties: Anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, antioxidant. Minerals: Iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium.

Angelica Root: AKA female ginseng. Used as a female tonic in Chinese Medicine. Angelica Root helps build chi to strengthen the vital life force. The herb helps move stagnated body fluids (blood & lymph) and redistribute the fluids throughout the body for balance and harmony in the body systems.

Sarsaparilla: A great cleansing herb and source of iron. It contains saponins that deep clean the body; remove toxins through the skin (sweating), through the urine, from the intestines, and by vacating mucus from the lungs. Aids in hormone balance, boosts libido, for impotence and menopause.

Hydrangea Root: The root is used to treat autoimmune diseases, as a diuretic, to kill parasites, cleanse the blood, treat bladder and kidney stones, and remove calcification in soft tissue.

Note: Sedona is a 2-day cleanse. Further instructions on how to drink the tea will be available when you order.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product does not intend to treat or prevent any disease. If you are taking medication, consult with your doctor before drinking any herbal drinks. Avoid while pregnant and nursing. Please use discretion and listen to the body.

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