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Our New Herbal Blends!



The Uprising

Herbal remedies have always been around me since I can remember. From my mother flushing me with herbs of Chamomile when I was a baby, to drinking Spearmint and Chamomile tea for a stomach ache and flu.

My love for herbs started when I began my healing journey. I was and still am amazed at how simple herbs that come from the ground can do so much healing to the mind, body, and spirit. All give Thankhs to The Most Highs Amma Mama and Elohyim for providing such delicacy to reconnect with them.

I figured why not share my healing journey with everybody that sees and feels the empowerment herbs have when the body seeks alignment. Together, we can heal from the blissings we were given from Nature.


Get Back To Nature And Make Herbs Your Medicine.™

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