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Botanics, straight from the Earth. That’s it. Nothing less, nothing more.

Plant Healing For Women

A Space For Healing The Feminine Essence With Carefully Blended Herbal Teas For Hormones, The Womb, Mental, And Emotional Needs.

I Am Healing

Plant Remedies For Men

A Space To Bring Vitality With Potent Herbal Teas For Energy, Hormones, and Your Manhood.

I am Strong

Plant Nourishment For The Children

A Space To Feel Safe and Secure of Your Child's Health With Gentle Herbal Teas

I Am Nourished

Plant Healing During Postpartum

Keep A Cup By Your Side To Heal And Mend While You Enjoy Time With Your Bundle of Joy.

I Am Nurturing

Our Values & Motive


Community Commitment


Integrity & Honesty

  • Organic

    Sourced by small farmers who care for you and the earth.

  • Wild Harvested

    Harvested by ethical wildcrafters.

  • No Addatives

    Free from fillers, lecithins, and all the unnecesary gunk.

  • No Natural Flavors

    We let nature's flavors speak for themselves.