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Jamaican Bush Tea BITTER DETOX

Jamaican Bush Tea BITTER DETOX

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I n g r e d i e n t s :

Cerasee, Lemon Grass

Notes of Bitter + Mild Citrus

Grandmothers of Jamaican and Caribbean roots know these herbs very well. Not feeling well? They would have gone out into Nature and grabbed these two herbs to make into a tea. In the Caribbean, Cerasee was used in tea to help flush you out from impurities. The herb is extremely bitter but outrageously good for your body.

T h e B o t a n i c s:

Ceracee: Also known as bitter melon, Cerasee has many healing properties that researchers have been studying an enzyme in the ripe fruit and the leaves that can inhibit the growth of cancer cells, called kugua glycoside. The leaves and vines are used in an herbal concoction to treat parasitic worms, liver problems, and diabetes, to treat skin problems such as psoriasis and eczema, to aid with high blood pressure, ease stomach aches and menstrual cramps. Cerasee has detoxifying properties and is used as a blood and body cleanser or as a ‘wash out’ to purge the body. The herb is used as a tonic to detox the body of harmful toxins thereby increasing energy, vitality, and stamina and helping ease the nerves. Et aids ulcers (stomach and duodenum), bile, and digestive disorders, good for all joint ailments, such as arthritis, rheumatism, and gout. Cerasee is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, carotene, calcium, iron, phosphorous, alkaloids, lutein, and zeaxanthin which both improve eyesight. Children can be given this tea to relieve colds, reduce fever, and ease constipation.

Lemongrass: Also known as fever grass due to its ability to reduce fevers and aid in a speedy recovery. This bush grass treats the common cold and coughs. The soothing lemongrass is also used to combat nausea, menstrual cramps, and asthma. It’s a natural diuretic so it is also commonly used for persons who want to lose weight and purge the body. Like all other herbs, care should be taken to consume them in moderation.

I n s t r u c t i o n s :

For 1 serving add 1 Tbsp of herbs in 16 ounces of water.

Use an infuser or add herbs into a pot. Pour hot water with herbs and allow to steep for 10 minutes. Strain with a colander if you did not use an infuser. Give thanks and enjoy.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product does not intend to treat or prevent any disease. If you are taking medication, consult with your doctor before drinking any herbal drinks. Avoid while pregnant. Please use discretion and listen to the body.

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