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Healthy Menstrual Cycle Tea Pack Bundle

Healthy Menstrual Cycle Tea Pack Bundle

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Let me tell you, my dear sisters, that this herbal tea bundle is fantastic for taking care of yourself during that time of the month when you need a little extra self-love.

First up is Iron Rich, a tea that can help replenish the iron levels that you may have lost during your cycle. We all know how draining it can be. This tea will help keep your energy levels up and blood cells healthy.

Next, we have Yoni Power. This tea is designed to tone your womb, balance your estrogen levels, and cleanse any impurities from your body. It's all about empowering you and making you feel your best.

And finally, there's Tranquility. This tea is all about helping you get the rest and relaxation that your body craves during this sacred and solitary time. It's a time to take care of yourself and recharge.

So go ahead, brew yourself a cup of tea and take some time for yourself. You deserve it! Take a deep breath, relax, and let the warmth of the tea envelop you. It's a little act of self-love that can make a big difference.

The Pack:

1 x Iron Rich (2oz)- Serving Size: Approx. 20 Cups

Burdock Root, Sarsaparilla Root, Yellow Dock, Cinnamon, Ginger

1 x Yoni Power (1oz)- Serving Size: Approx. 13 Cups

Vitex Berry, Damiana, Dandelion Leaf, Nettle Leaf, Red Raspberry, Passionflower

1 x Tranquility (1oz)- Serving Size: Approx. 13 Cups

Hawthorn Leaf, Passion Flower, Chamomile, Lemon Balm





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Customer Reviews

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Tina Daley

After a lot of imbalances in my body I figured enough was enough I need to heal. Was researching obviously healthy foods and gut health. And wanted to incorporate teas into my daily routine. My iron levels are pretty low which is why the iron rich caught my attention. First day of me drinking it I couldn't believe how I felt the ease of breathing better. Overall this bundle is life changing and I highly recommend if you want to heal and balance hormones. I will continue to use for the next few months.