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Caffeine Free Herbal Coffee Alternative | Blood Health

We tend to lean towards coffee, stimulants, or energy drinks for those early and long days. While these are great to keep you up in this physical realm, they can harm the body over time by disrupting the body’s natural ebb and flow. Over stimulation can cause an imbalance on the nervous system that can result in fatigue, anxiety, emotional imbalances, ect. An adequate amount of iron, circulation, magnesium, high oxygenated and adaptogenic herbs can help revert the body back to homeostasis.

Energía is intended to drink as you slowly wean off of caffeine so that the herb can help nourish the systems. Or drink as a steady energizer without the crash and grogginess after drinking a cup of caffeine.


Chicory Root: In herbal remedies, Chicory has been well known in herbal coffee alternative drinks by the flavor and dark brown hue resembling as the coffee bean. Although it does not contain caffeine but the benefits of drinking as an alternative to coffee is recommended for a few reasons: the root is beneficial for gut health. Thanks to the root being high in fiber and prebiotics. This can help enhance mineral absorption and balance the bacteria in the gut. There's been studies that shows the inulin in chicory root can help relieve constipation. This study is relayed to those who added chicory in their daily drinking regimen. So how does chicory help with energy levels? By increasing mineral absorption, the body can use valuable minerals as an energy source for the necessary organs and systems to properly function.

Burdock Root: In Chinese Medicine, Burdock has a long history of medicinal uses from the seeds to the root. The nutrient dense and fiberous root is able to purify the blood, liver, kidneys from toxicity. Treat skin ailments, bring good health to the digestive system due to the root being high in inulin (a prebiotic fiber) and is a natural diuretic. Burdock has anti-inflammatory properties to help reduce inflammation on the body from tonsillitis, arthritis, ulcers and gout. The chologenic acid present in the root helps eliminate excess uric acid and heat in joints.

Muicle: A native to Central and South America. The plant is rich in minerals iron, potassium, calcium. Medicinally used to purify the blood, stomach discomfort, menstrual issues, combats withdrawal symptoms from drugs, improves immune system from stress, treats bronchitis, cough, and asthma. Drinking muicle regularly aids the liver and kidney health. Muicle is good for anemia and for women during moon cycle as the herb help increase red blood cells and improves the health of the paletes.

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Customer Reviews

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April Montenegro Gomez

I Love this herbal coffee, I've been craving it everyday since I first had it. I Love that I can have some in the afternoon when I crave coffee and have a tastey healthy alternative that won't keep me awake all night.