Our Why

My interest in botanic herbs first began when I discovered my self-healing journey. That passion for self-healing translated to a passion for botanic herbal teas. I quickly realized how much I loved the sensory ritual of tea drinking. From breathing in the rich aroma of Nature’s medicine to watching the hot water revive the botanic herbs, releasing their true potential. I saw this as a reflection of self.

Reviving + Honoring Ancestors

As I go through my healing journey, I have learned my great interest in botanic herbs came from a lineage of my forefathers. My grandfather was known in his village for his medicinal herbs. He always knew which plant to go to for medicine. All while my father was a protege for a master herbalist in Mexico. It feels right to be taking the role of what was passed on.

Uprising Tea was born out of the willingness to spread the sensory ritual of tea and its healing purposes. When I think about herbal medicine, I think about the blissing Mother Earth has given us. She gave us plants to bring comfort + healing to our lives. She gave us herbs as a reminder that she is here to nurture us. Just like mothers help their children when they need remedy. It is my hope and will to bring that to your life. Feel the comfort and healing She has to give with each of our products.

Power in Plants

We thoughtfully study each herb that goes into our bodies. From adaptogens to sedatives such as ashwagandha, blue vervain, and chamomile; to strong blood cleansing herbs—burdock root + palo guaco. Each botanic herbal blend is thoughtfully well reasoned for an astonishing tea.

Botanics, straight from the Earth. That’s it. Nothing less, nothing more.

That is why I vow to Nature. All of our botanic herbs come from the dirt, just as nature intended. We wear our ingredient list on our sleeves. We will never use any flavor enhancers, artificial or natural flavors. Just plants. All of our botanic herbs are harvested organically, wild harvested by reliable resources from small gardeners + farmers, and yours truly.

We cherish time alone in Nature, so why not cherish Nature in a cup? Nature is healing and so is tea drinking with all ets sensory rituals involved.
We also love the idea of welcoming guests and involving botanic herbs in a celebration setting.

Our business is designed to be both of the earth and for the earth.

From the botanic herbs to our mail packaging, they are safe and sealed from eco-friendly packaging. We also encourage reusing the packages for kitchen ingredients or letting the package make its way to the recycle bin after using all the healing herbs inside.

Thank you for taking the time to read about Uprising Tea. Enjoy a cup of tea, hand blended by yours truly.