Frequently Asked Questions

How much herbs do I add?

We like to think the more herbs you add, the more of the taste and healing benefits you will get! For every 12 oz, add 1 tablespoon of herbs.

How will I know that you've received my order?

We'll email you a confirmation of your order, providing we have an accurate email address. This will include order number, summary of order, and total amount we'll charge. We'll send a subsequent email(s) when your products ship, including tracking information.

How long do I wait until tea comes to my door?

On good days, we send teas the day after we receive your order, and ship the following day (3-5 days). We make sure each tea blend is crafted with high vibrational 13Love energy. We value our customers and would love patience when teas take a little longer than usual to be at your door. Plus, any order longer than a week gets tea goodies in return for the wait! :)


What do you do to ensure the quality and safety of Uprising Tea products?

We are dedicated to sourcing only the highest quality organic, wild harvested, and non-GMO ingredients. We procure healthy botanicals from suppliers who share the same dedication and are committed to the health of their customers. Loose leaves, herbs, fruits, and flowers are hand-blended with your health and well being in mind.

We work with partners who are devoted to products that are proven safe through laboratory analysis to guarantee the health and safety of our customers. We also work with small farmers that ensures their herbs are harvested right.


What’s the best way to make tea?

Work with what you got! You can put water in sauce pan and allow to boil then add herbs to steep. If you have a tea set or french press, all you have to do is add the herbs then hot water.

We have a video on how to do these:

What’s the difference between loose leaf and bagged tea?

We love loose leaf because you allow the herbs to release their full potency. Many tea bags are contaminated with epichlorohydrin, a carcinogen that is released when contacted with water. We prefer loose leaf for this reason and we stay with the old fashion way of the Ancients.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do! Until further notice, we are still trying to figure out the best way to ship internationally. However, you can contact us with your name, address and province, along with what teas you would like to purchase. We will get back to you via email on the shipping cost.


Is there an expiration date on tea?

Herbs do not have an expiration date, but it can start to lose freshness over time. We do recommend storing your herbs in a dry, cool, dark space. Herbs needs to be kept away from heat, light, air, and moisture to ensure its freshness. Do not store your herbs in the freezer or refrigerator.