Signs of low iron mineral

The Magnetic Mineral

Did you know the only magnetic mineral in our body is iron? Iron attracts all the minerals and binds them together. The minerals then go to every bodily tissue. Iron is a pretty big deal. It is what makes us feel great and ALIVE. Keeping our iron levels balanced is very important. When one has low levels of iron, you may start to feel:
• Tiredness and fatigue ALL the time.
• Shortness of breath
• Less oxygen goes to the brain
• Immune system weakens
• Heart palpitations
• Pale, dull skin
• Brittle nails
• Cold hands and feet
• Early signs of aging skin

What iron does for our body:
• Carries oxygen from the lungs, the brain, and throughout the body
• Assists the function of nerves
• Necessary for immune cell proliferation and maturation

We have several herbal blends that are high in iron. We recommend cleansing the blood and increasing your iron intake to help bring balanced iron levels. Iron is why all your organs and tissues have all the nutrients they need to keep your body going!
On the Blood Cleansing Herbal Blends category, we have them listed as a way to cleanse your blood which means for CLEANSING the blood only. Although the herbs have high iron, do not use as a supplement. On High Iron Herbal Blends, you can drink this as a supplement to keep up with iron intake.

Blood Cleansing Herbal Tea Blends:

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