The Art of Tea Making

The Art of Tea Making

Explore How to Properly Prepare Herbal Tea

Infusion: The process of the herb and hot water to remain suspended for some time. 

Tools needed: Infused Basket- You can do 2 things with this: 1. Put herbs inside the infuser basket and pour hot water over it. 2. Use the infuser basket as a strainer if you have the loose leaf tea in a saucepan or teapot.

Most teapots come with a strainer basket inside. If your teapot does not have a basket for the herbs, you can still add the herbs inside the teapot and pour hot water. Use a colander and strain the herbs when you pour them onto the cup.

Herbs for the Infusion method: Flower & Leaf

When exposed to hot water, the flower and leaf herbs will easily release their oils and fragrance. They do not need high exposure to heat, unlike roots and barks.

How To Infuse- Use an infuser ball/basket or add herbs into a teacup/pot. Pour hot water with herbs and allow to sit for at least 10-15 minutes. Make sure you cover the top to keep the essential oils from escaping. Strain with a colander if you did not use an infuser.

Decoction: A method of boiling the herbs to release their healing properties. 

Herbs for the Decoction Method: Stem, Root, Bark, Hard Leaf (Olive Leaf) & Flower (Roselle Hibiscus)

The stems, roots, bark, hard leaves, and flowers are denser than delicate leaves and flowers. They need high heat exposure to release their oils and break down their healing properties.

How To Use The Decoction Method: Using the stovetop, turn the heat to a medium-low. Then, take a saucepan, fill it with filtered water and add the herbs. Make sure you cover the top to keep the essential oils from escaping. Allow a slow simmer until water begins to boil. Turn heat off and allow to steep for 15 minutes then strain with a colander.

Side Note*

If a blend has root and leaf, the best method is to use the decoction method. 

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