Bitter Plants and Your Health

Bitter Plants and Your Health

Bitters and Their Use

Bitter plants have been consumed by our ancestors and have been used in their everyday lives from steeping bitter herbs and wine, beer, and mead making. The bitter and aromatic barks, roots, seeds, and fruits serve two purposes: To boost wellness and enhance the taste.

A fun fact: The term cocktail was coined during the 18th century and consisted of four ingredients: water, alcohol, sugar, and bitters.

Bitters have a long history of use within Traditional Eastern Healing Systems. In Ayurveda, bitter foods and herbs are considered to balance the Kapha dosha. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, bitters are employed for removing excess heat and dampness (excess mucus for example) from the body.

Bitters work through direct contact with the bitter receptors on our tongue. The first part of digestion is saliva. They signal our body to begin the digestive process, which increases the efficiency of our GI (Gastrointestinal) Tract and ultimately supports overall wellness. Adding a few bitters into your daily eating/drinking regime goes a long way.

Bitters are taken 15 minutes before a meal and even savored between or after meals.


When to take bitters? Always!

Especially when you have poor digestion. Bitters get the juices going from your saliva, the biles from your gallbladder and liver, the pancreas to release enzymes, and the digestive system to start producing hydrochloric acid. All these juices help improve digestion. Eating and drinking bitters daily relieves constipation, and stomach aches, and help break down heavy fats and oils from a heavy meal you just ate for dinner.

Bitters and Hormones

Did you know that the GI (Gastrointestinal) Tract is full of Immune System pieces such as white blood cells and filled with hormones such as the thyroid and reproductive hormones? If the hormones in your body are balanced, then the Immune System is also balanced. When hormones are imbalanced, the Immune System is imbalanced. Bitters help restore hormones and get the GI Tract working properly.


Some more benefits of adding bitters into your lifestyle 

Adding bitters into your lifestyle helps with gas and a bloated stomach. Drinking bitters as a routine before meals will alleviate that gross feeling when you “accidentally” ate a bad food combination. For those who fast, drinking bitters help stimulate hunger and assist your GI Tract to reintroduce foods into your life again. 

The only time you would want to avoid bitters is when you have heartburn. Eating bitters when you have heartburn only activates more of the hydrochloric acid in your stomach.


Bitter Herbs:

Burdock Root


Blue Vervain

Blue Lotus

Cascara Sagrada



Chicory Root






Lemon Peel

Milk Thistle Seed

Orange Peel

Palo Guaco


Schiandra Berry

St. John’s Wort


Yellow Dock Root

Aromatic Bitter Herbs:


Chamomile Flower




Fennel Seed

Ginger Root




Yarrow Flower


Fun Fact: Chai is great for your Digestive System and did we mention it tastes amazing?

Are you excited to start having bitters in your daily drinking regime? Try Balanced Digestion! This blend has a bitter taste to stimulate the fluids to boost the digestion process. We highly recommend this blend before or after a meal. Give thanks!

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