Quinoa Porridge with FOCUSED.

Quinoa Porridge with FOCUSED.

Are you ready to give oatmeal a break or simply seeking a change for breakfast? Quinoa porridge with our FOCUSED. the herbal powder blend is very comforting and nutritiously tasty! Here's how to make et:

What You Need:

•1 cup of quinoa
•2 cups of filtered water
•Sweetener of choice
•Nut Milk or filtered water. Nut milk will make the porridge creamier
•2 tbsp of Nut Butter
For toppings:
•Fruit of choice. You can add banana, strawberry, any berries, fresh mango, and the list goes on!
•Nuts, hemp seeds, or granola
•1 tbsp of FOCUSED. herbal blend powder


Serves 2-3 people.

Cook the quinoa. A tip to get the quinoa fluffy is to turn the heat on a lower setting when you see a little water left.
When quinoa is cooked, put it in a blender/food processor. Add a little bit of water, nut butter, sweetener, and FOCUSED. herbal powder. Mix water/nut milk as you blend to get the consistency you would like.
Get the bowls, pour the porridge, then add your toppings. You can garnish FOCUSED. on top.

Another tip to make the quinoa porridge more nutritious is to add nuts or seeds while blending!

Talk about yum! Willing you enjoy as much as we did :-)

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