FOCUSED. Oat Milk & Pineapple Seamoss Drink

FOCUSED. Oat Milk & Pineapple Seamoss Drink

Oh goodness! You can eat light and still get the full nutrients your body seeks. Whether you’re cleansing, detoxing, or simply choosing to eat light for the day, this creamy oat, sweet pineapple drink will satisfy your hunger! We added a kick to et and added FOCUSED. because I love how this herbal powdered blend makes me feel.

Here’s how to make this creamy fruity drink:

What You Need:

•Half of a Ripened Pineapple

•Oat Milk. You can home-make the milk or use store-bought. Either or works. After the recipe, I added a quick how-to of homemade oat milk.

•Seamoss Gel

•Sweetener of Choice

FOCUSED. Herbal Powdered Blend



Pour about 32 oz of chilled oat milk into a blender along with chopped pineapple, 2 giant scoops of sea moss, and 1 tablespoon of FOCUSED. and desired sweetness of sweetener. Blend and pour into a glass cup. Simply nutritious and filling!



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